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Diner Dash is a strategy/time management game made primarily for Windows. It is available in many platforms now, such as the Mac, PSP, Nintendo DS, mobile, etc. It has spawned more than four sequels.


Flo's a worker at a stock market company in Dinertown. She gets overloaded with work and is tired of her job there, so she quits, and finds an old run-down diner, and buys it. She works there, and while doing so renovates it using the money she earns. Afterward, she buys several more dining chain restaurants, and eventually meets up with a Shiva Goddess, which gives her ten trials at her restaurant. At the end she sees a young man below stuck in the same situation she was and decides to help him out and become a waiter.


In the original platform, five restaurants are available to plain in this order, unlocked after completing the previous:

  • Flo's Diner: Flo's original restaurant which started the whole business.
  • Flo's Tiki Palace: Built on a beachside, this is where people eat Hawaiian based food.
  • Go with the Flo: The ocean-themed restaurant which serves seafood.
  • Chez Flo's: A fancy golden restaurant which serves luxurious food built in a spooky set of rocks/trees.
  • Indian Resaurant: Also known as the Mystic Palace, is where Flo serves for a Shiva Goddess.